About us

For over 30 years, ISI has been a recognized leader in delivering IT strategy and solution architecture for Fortune 500 and high growth companies. Leveraging Microsoft platforms to deliver powerful and cost-effective self-service solutions, ISI delivers the Right Data, to the Right People, at the Right Time®, assuring its clients of Turning Data Into Profit®. ISI helps clients achieve greater performance, success and ROI from their human and technology investments.

Turning Data into Profit®

Why choose us

Business Balance

IT solutions are not complete if they don’t include business logic and value. ISI’s approach uniquely incorporates business impact with technical design to maximize the value of an engagement’s outcome. Any technical solution must be designed by and for the benefit of the business users, who ultimately determine its value.


Incorporated in Dallas in 1985, ISI has a long and proven history of trusted client relationships. We have the same phone number from the day we started. Our consultants average 20 years of professional experience, many over 30. Our proven history is added assurance of your success.

Boutique Alternative

All ISI Principal Consultants come from big six consulting firms, assuring our project governance and outcomes leverage proven best practices. Hiring ISI brings you the credibility of a national firm, however, without the bloated budget. When you need this assurance but not the overhead, ISI is your boutique alternative.

Leadership team

Ken Baker

founding principal 

John Cavner

founding principal 

Gary Coggins

principal consultant

Dan Cornish

principal consultant

JF Denis

principal consultant

David Easley

principal consultant

Paul Giordano

principal consultant

Mark White

principal consultant

Clients say

Tim Liden,Five Star Custom Foods

“highly recommend them… they have been instrumental in making sure we can get our information to the field as quickly as possible.”

Chris Potter,Roofing Supply Group

“I would highly recommend ISI to any company needing a customized solution to address budgeting and forecasting challenges”

Dallas Koeppe,The HeartPlace

“very dependent on our servers and assistance from ISI to get the performance . . . expertise beyond the vendor’s [knowledge]”