ISI Data Hub

ISI has developed a framework for Unified Analytics which we call the ISI Data Hub and it is our starting point for all new integration projects.

We've leveraged this evolving framework/methodology for decades in numerous deployments across a variety of industries.

The framework gives us a head start on the project reducing cost and effort.

Out of the box it includes standardized databases, tables, stored procedures and other controls for audit and control purposes.

Let's work together!

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Framework Advantages

  • Track every process that runs against the DB with time, elapsed time, and who ran it
  • Record and provide ability to alert whoever you want on each error by logging processes, you can see what is running at any given time
  • Control variables within the templates (update employees - include count of record we got in from API, how many records added for new employees, how many updated, etc.)
  • Tracks alerts in all emails that are sent out - first written to email table then sent out. Emails can be throttled.
  • Email Interface - loading spreadsheets or other documents received via emails
  • Multiple templates for procs to log certain tasks.

Control Systems

  • Jobs required for ETL processes.
  • Process definition for all stored procedures used for ETL, reporting processing, menu control, security and any other processes in support of all features of the Operational Data Store.
  • Process logging including standard run times, record counts, error logging, email notification and associated reporting.
  • Templated procedures for all processing to insure consistent controls and error processing.
  • Menu System for any applications supported by the ISI Data Hub including process control reporting, system table maintenance, user access security.
ISI Data Hub Functions
  • Application Security
  • Application Workflow
  • Data Repository
  • SQL Imports
  • SQL Exports
  • Batch Processing
  • Process Controls
  • Interface Controls
  • System Admin UI's
  • Reporting Specifications (SSRS)
  • Financial Reporting
  • Morning/Daily Reporting
  • BI
  • Documentation Reports
  • SQL Standards
  • PDF Stitching
  • ISI Data Hub Menu or IDM
  • Active Directory Interface
  • Email Interface
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