Enterprise Integration

Today’s marketplace demands an ever-increasing level of enterprise efficiency in order to meet customer expectations and achieve competitive advantage.  This reality has driven enterprise leadership to broaden their focus beyond classic process automation and system integration strategies.  

Thought leaders in today’s competitive climate have come to realize the agenda must be expanded to think more holistically… to focus the company’s time, talent and resources on Enterprise Integration.

ISI’s Enterprise Integration consultancy ensures our clients have a well-designed and executed EI strategy, optimizing the mix of value-based ISI services to achieve a pre-agreed strategic outcome and realize targeted value.

What is Enterprise Integration?

Enterprise Integration, or "EI", is an institutional mindset that prioritizes and drives change that’s aligned with and guided by the following key EI strategy pillars:

  • People (Organizational Design, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Change Management)
  • Process (BPO/BPA/BPM)
  • Technology (Application/Platform Portfolio Management)
  • Data (Governance, Security)

ISI has integrated countless Enterprise Systems and highlighted below are three of the most common. We have specific expertise integrating a variety of HRIS, POS, and ERP systems across a variety of industries. Explore how our experience can help turn your data into profit and/or drive more sales.



(App/Platform PM)