Discard the Email Trail and Manual Processes

By Lori Adams

Is your organization still swimming in a sea of emails to get things approved? Or even worse, are hard copies being walked around the office? You are not alone. In 2017, many companies still have these outdated processes to get things accomplished. Could your company benefit from Custom Application Development for Process Automation or do […]

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Enterprise Mobility

By Dan Cornish

Extending enterprise solutions and content to mobile devices has become a top priority for most organizations. However, this presents the dilemma of defining a strategy for mobile applications. In other words, do you build web, hybrid, or native applications? When it comes to developing mobile applications, there is no one size fits all approach. A common mistake […]

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Solving the Offshore Equation

By Gary Coggins

The decision to offshore application development initiatives remains one of the most contentious debates in IT circles, if not the most controversial. For some, the decision seems like a no-brainer, while for others it seems out of the question. For those of you who find yourselves caught in the middle, we believe some basic guidelines […]

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SSRS as a Replacement for OBIEE

By Paul Giordano

Recently we worked with a customer to replace Oracle’s OBIEE with Microsoft’s SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). This client engagement was focused on three main areas of concern. The main driver was the client’s very specific branding requirements centered around its image. OBIEE was not able to provide an end product that was compatible with the branding on […]

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Connect the Dots – Gain Efficiency

By Mark White

As the technology go-to in your company, you’re no doubt responsible for, and have either built or inherited, quite the impressive collection of enterprise applications (dots). Whether these systems reside in the cloud, on premise, or otherwise, they must seamlessly connect in order for your data to flow properly. The world we live in today […]

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A LEGOLAND® Perspective on Starting Your PPM/PMO Journey

By David Easley

Often times the biggest challenge associated with complex organizational transformation is figuring out how and in what sequence to take down the proverbial elephant – What are the steps? On which leg should I start chewing first? Charting a course for your company’s journey into the realm of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is no different. […]

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