Connect the Dots – Gain Efficiency

By Mark White

As the technology go-to in your company, you’re no doubt responsible for, and have either built or inherited, quite the impressive collection of enterprise applications (dots). Whether these systems reside in the cloud, on premise, or otherwise, they must seamlessly connect in order for your data to flow properly. The world we live in today is such that we need our data, and we need it now! There’s no time to wait around on manual, error-prone processes to pass along data or deliver and serve up reports. Management needs their data quickly and accurately in order to make the most informed daily decisions and analysis.

ISI has extensive experience across many different industries doing just this. Interfacing with certain off-the-shelf products, we’re often able to utilize existing APIs to push and pull data. Other apps might only support text or .csv files as inputs/outputs. Better yet, direct database access is sometimes in play. We’ll work with your staff and providers to design the appropriate solution depending on your environment.

We’ve helped our clients connect their large dots like full Human Capital Management (HCM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as connect their smaller dots, such as employee onboarding software or standalone accounting systems.

For example, we’ve helped Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen automate and improve their employee onboarding and other processes by connecting dots such as Equifax, Taleo, Paychex, and MenuLink. We’ve built a central ODS (Operational Data Store) as a staging area / hub for the transfer of data and ease of consolidated reporting. Using this technique, as one dot is phased out and another surfaces, the effort to implement the new connection is minimal.

No matter what we might find on your system diagram, there are likely improvements to be made to gain efficiencies, free up critical resources, improve accuracy, increase sales, and make more informed decisions – the benefits of connecting the dots go on and on.

Contact Integrated Services today and we can help “Connect your Dots” by meeting with your team to listen to your challenges, share our experiences, and discuss what can reasonably be done within your budget. Additional examples and references available upon request.

Connect the Dots and you’ll see Efficiency

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