Discard the Email Trail and Manual Processes

By Lori Adams

Is your organization still swimming in a sea of emails to get things approved? Or even worse, are hard copies being walked around the office? You are not alone. In 2017, many companies still have these outdated processes to get things accomplished. Could your company benefit from Custom Application Development for Process Automation or do you need a BPM Platform?

Some of the major benefits of Process Automation are:

  • accuracy of the data
  • timeliness of the process
  • reduction of costs from manual processes

At ISI we strive to understand your needs and goals before we suggest a solution to accomplish your desired future state. Depending on the number of workflows that you need to automate, we may suggest a custom solution or a solution built on a BPM system.

If a system is needed, one tool that will help you automate these processes is K2 blackpearl, a BPM System that allows rapid development of low code or no code workflow, forms and applications. This tool allows you to pull information from various systems in your environment to automate your workflows. In the system, there are reusable components called Smart Objects and Views so that you are not building from scratch every time. All the information related to the workflows is tracked and reported so you can see valuable data about your enterprise.

We can help you implement business process automation in your environment. Click here to have us give you a call to schedule a meeting.